Trilligames is an Indie game developer focusing on simple games with deep gameplay. We create games for handheld devices, mainly Android and iOS as well as for PC: Windows, Mac, Linux. We really like old-school skill-based games, but anything that is fun goes.


We create what we think is really cool things. Some things we might even finish...

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We are very busy developing games, but when we have something interesting to shout about, this is the place where you can find out about it.
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This is the team that make the magic happen
Joakim Johnsson
Joakim Johnsson

Game developer

Obsessive compulsive indie game developer

Markus Johnsson
Markus Johnsson

Game Designer

Knows good from bad, regardless if it is gameplay, graphics, sound or other.

    Arora Johnsson
    Arora Johnsson


    Bughunter and tester with artistic skills.

      Julia Johnsson
      Julia Johnsson

      Social media manager

      Monitors social media like no other.

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